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My Work

Welcome to my virtual gallery! Below is a little look into what has come out of my studio recently as well as the commissions I've had the honor of creating. Enjoy...


Under My Father's Wings

Created for a special client who wanted to have an angel that looked over her home and could be seen from her window outside, this 36x48 canvas work reminds us all that we are covered by His love.


Capturing my couple's lovely essence was my goal of this commission. Sitting on 16x20 heavy cotton paper it reminds us that two is indeed better than one, as bees can only make honey together.


Don't Wanna Be Without You

These original pieces we're inspired by the feel of my favorite song. The way it makes me move calmly and never want leave the side of my lover. Of course green stands as the celebrity of the day on these 11x14 works on paper.

Disappearing Wood

Astounded by the way nature lives with us, this 8x6 work on paper represents the feelings that nature can give when all else fades away, we see how small we are, and embrace that we're loved anyway.

walking on water .jpeg

Walking on Water (Vol 1 & 2)

Partner pieces created from stepping into what it might feel like to walk on water. These 20x24 pieces on canvas ask us to take the leap of faith that we've been wondering about and to trust His steady hand. 

Come Away with Me

Pulling on the desire to hide forever in your lover's arms, Come Away with Me transports to a peaceful river where all is right in the world and you forget it's done on a 40x30 canvas.

come away w me.jpeg
back to garden.jpeg

Back to The Garden

Child-like faith and intimacy like in Eden jumps from this 18x24 piece. Detailed with sprouting florals and a flowing river, the scene reminds us that we are to sit and rest with Him, as His children were created to do.

The Minis

Each completely individual, just like you and me, these minis are done on paper (2x3) and usually come with acrylic framing. Their unique texture and endless color pairing makes them the most fabulous little edition to any space.

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