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Weary and Light

Weary and light exists as a place for dreaming and rest. Created to make space for people to be themselves, it functions not  only as a brand, but a community of people living authentically. Through timeless, intentional, and peaceful art, Weary and Light gives meaning to the mundane, while making people the forefront.

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Why Weary and Light?

Creating often happens in tension. Therefore, the juxtaposition of the words weary and light were extremely intentional. It is in this space that life is lived. For some, it is the in between of not being where they want to be yet, for others it is the tension of heaviness partnered with joy in some moments. For all of us, it is the fact that we often desire most to be seen, not explained away.

I once looked up my name, it means "weary". I didn't know this until after naming my art business...but it touched me. What if I can simultaneously be honest about my weariness also also provide a place of light and tender kindness to the world? Ergo, Weary & Light - a place where people aren't covered up, but are beautifully celebrated for their humanity and their stories.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to build relationships with people. You matter, let's connect.

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